Restoration Assembly, Inc.
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Chellee F. Roberts
Senior Pastor
Chellee F. Roberts
An Apostle ~ affirmed, appointed, chosen of God
A Prophet ~ of Time & Seasons
An Evangelist ~ equipped with a message to win the lost
A Pastor ~ given to feed the flock of God
A Teacher ~ imparting wisdom, knowledge & understanding
A Bishop ~ in the Lord's church
consecrated with Full Historic Unbroken Apostolic Succession
Moving in the Power of the Kingdom of God
An Apostolic/Prophetic House of Worship with a call to
the Ministry of Reconciliation operating in Deliverance
with Miracles, Signs & Wonders following...
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Freewill Pentecostal Holiness Church
of Restoration Assembly
108-11th Street
Warrior, Alabama 35180

Sunday Morning Worship  ~ 11:00AM