Restoration Assembly  (“R.A.W.”) recognizes that every human being is valuable in the sight of God, and we seek to minister
to all men and women in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Our most important foundational belief is that we live in harmony with the
principles of God’s Word.

We highly esteem the marriage covenant. This gift from God has been given to us along with the clear teaching in Sacred
Scripture and we affirm that this gift, which pertains to our lives’ most intimate relationships, is to be expressed through a
union that is life-long, monogamous and gender specific. The importance of gender in defining the marriage covenant is
affirmed throughout the Bible, including the specific teaching of Jesus Christ Himself (Saint Matthew 19:4-6). Our public
teaching and practice is based on what the Bible teaches concerning homosexuality. Christian marriage is to be between one
man and one woman. We believe that this is God’s design for humanity established at creation.

Restoration Assembly firmly stands against any form of evil, including prejudice, bigotry and violence. We believe that moral
disagreement is not a license for slander or harassment of any contrary group but we cannot affirm same-sex or trans-gender
unions as God’s will for followers of Jesus Christ.

As agreed upon by the:
Governing Board of Bishops & The Apostolic Council
Restoration Assembly, Inc., Worldwide
Headquarters: Birmingham, AL U.S.A.
Restoration Assembly Inc.