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Dr. Chellee F. Roberts is a loving and devoted mother, grandmother, and has many spiritual sons and daughters..

She walks in an Apostolic/Prophetic calling & anointing. She has an international deliverance ministry of which the focus is to reach
lost souls pointing them to Christ, through encouragement and revelation of the profound word of God with joy offering hope and
healing, as well as, being an encourager to the Believer.  She is a prolific worshipper & psalmist that has been called upon by many to
minister, setting the atmosphere at conferences and revivals for healing, powerful deliverance;  miracles, signs and wonders following;
and the proclaiming of the Word of the Lord!

Dr. Chellee a  international published author, is the founder of the Mind, Body & Soul International Women’s Fellowship, which is a
phenomenal ministry.  It is also through this ministry that the Lord has graced Dr. Chellee with the Ministry of Healing. She is the
founder and spokesperson of the program “1-2-3 My Baby and Me”, which focuses on reaching out to pregnant teens.  She has served
as an advisory board member for the Young Mother’s Program, Birmingham Alabama School System.  As a community activist, she
interacts in and out of the school and juvenile system with teens of diverse backgrounds.

As a seasoned veteran, Dr. Chellee has an extensive background in the radio broadcasting industry. She is sought out by many for her
expertise, and has worked with many gospel music industry professionals as a liaison, media consultant, promoter and background
vocalist. She can be heard Monday-Friday on the Kingdom Radio Network where she also serves as Program Director.

Dr. Chellee has been deemed by many as a forerunner & trailblazer in the " breaking down of walls of tradition" and "barriers of
religion" the area of "Women in Ministry". She has oversight of churches throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. She
is a noted speaker, teacher, advisor, and mentor for workshops, conventions, and special events.

Dr. Chellee F. Roberts operates under the authority of the Holy Spirit with prophetic insight and wisdom as a “Repairer of the
breach, restorer of paths to dwell in”. (Isaiah 58:12).
Dr. Chellee F. Roberts,  DD
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